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Jay Lane
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Jay Lane BOMG is epic stoner doom that can hold its own with the likes of Sleep, OM, and Bongripper. Favorite track: Etaph pt. 2.
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AM Great find Steve!! This fucking CRUSHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorite track: Sannikov Land.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger After many attempts to buy this the bands payment troubles have been fixed and they mailed me to say so, thanks Bomg ( Russian for " bum " or homeless person ) Based in Ukraine apparently the band contains a father and son...Awesome huge sludgey stoner doom jams... Favorite track: Sannikov Land.
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released July 10, 2013



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Bomg Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Polynseeds of Shubin
Walking thru the forest deeps
In agony of polyn seeds
Foggy visions of the trees
And the ground falls beneath
Treelord's spirits play a riff
Of the oldest pagan myth
Wolves are howling wisdom words
About the trip of ancient wolhws
Passed the forest. Passed the chase
Going thru the land of coal
Find the freedom in the mines
Full of magic blackened stones
Voice beckoning to the deeps
With impact f polynseeds
Shubin - spirit f the mines
Calls to serve him with blind eyes

The eternal caveman
Is walking thru the stalactites
And the endless mines
Watching him with black stone eyes
Track Name: Etaph
Red sun burns my eyes
My hands are coming ice
I move to the end of the world
To recognise my fault

My legs are locked by chains
And I move with other slaves
We are wictims of the system
And no one can resist it

I will work for 30 years
Or i will die by chance
For the sins I haven't done
My last trip is this etaph
Track Name: Etaph pt. 2
red sunshine stands up in front
wheels of blackened iron rocks
bodies with the undead eyes
waiting on the blood skyline
snake of iron spreading smoke
of the deepest coal stones
hounds of green are serving him
due to oath of the dream
prisoners to be the wolves
in the gulag highest walls
corrupting their deeds to end
watching years of nearly dead
nothing cannot stop the ride
to the deadly forest tide
soul corruption has become
in the depth of vagontombs
escape the iron snake
delivering from the grave
save the life in the woods
of the past times grace
Track Name: Sannikov Land
turn the ship to the northwest side
fill the polynseeds to waterpipe
set your ears to hear the riffage sound
set your eyes to see unknown ground
mountain guards stand to green skyline
mammoth yell tolls siberia
sacred piece of icy age arise
dazed visions had become alive
wisdom time is under sky
of slowly hammered eagle's flight
mountain reaches the smoke line
prophesy is in your eyes
smoke filled gardens to florise
within the rocks of ancient ice
motive's speading thru the smoke
of giant forest demon's tokes
beasts of wool are singing song
of the oath of polynbong
tribe of old hunts saberteeth
with the eyes of sorcery
believe in valley of thousand smokes
inbreathe the haze of demontokes
find the path to the ancestors' land
wreathed in golden rocks of time